Year 1 Curriculum


The children move to following the National Curriculum which is the statutory requirement for all children aged 5 to 16 in this country. More information about the National Curriculum can be found on the Department for Education website and in the information document, The National Curriculum In England.

We use a topic based approach to learning so that lessons are engaging, challenging and productive.

Teachers base learning on prior attainment so that all children are catered for in the class regardless of their ability. Lessons are differentiated so that all children will learn.

In year 1 there are still opportunities for play based learning although the curriculum does demand that lessons will become more formal.

We work hard to ensure that the transition from reception to year 1 is as smooth as possible for the children.

Some children do find this transition a challenge but as a school we hope that parents will work with us to promote what is best for their child.

The children are taught literacy, numeracy, science and RE as separate subjects. The other subjects are taught through the creative curriculum. We make links with learning where ever possible.

Children in Year 1 will undertake a Phonics Screeening check towards the end of the year as part of the national curriculum assessments. The check is designed to give teachers and parents information on how children are progressing in phonics. It is not a formal test and is conducted by the class teacher in an informal setting. You will be informed of the results of your child’s phonics screening check at the end of the school year with your child’s report.

The children in Year 1 will be given homework. You will receive a letter at the start of the year informing you which days they will have homework and what is expected of them.

See the Year 1 Curriculum Maps for more details.