Year 6 Curriculum


This is the last year at primary school and a very important year for a number of reasons. At the end of year 6 they will take their SATs or Standard Assessment Tests. These are taken by all pupils in England at the end of year 6 and they are statutory.

They are more formal than the Key Stage 1 SATs and take place during the second week in May depending on the dates.

The Department for Education sets the tests, the dates and times at which they must be taken so it is important all children attend. Further information on the tests and dates can be found on the Department for Education website and in the information document, The National Curriculum In England.

They will be tested in writing, a separate spelling, punctuation and grammar test. A mental maths test and then two further maths test papers.

The children are prepared for these tests throughout there time at Lord Blyton Primary School.

We run a breakfast club for year 6 pupils during the week which SATs take place.

See the Curriculum Maps for Year 6 for more details.