Sea View October 2017 – J.B.

Great Performance by Lord Blyton as they storm to victory


 On a cold, windy night at Mortimer Community College Lord Blyton went up against Sea View in their second game that day. It was a tight game where both teams created chances and amazing through balls and corners.

The game started off calm until Carter scored with his magical right foot and Sea View wanted to come back in the game and score. Unfortunately they did what their coach wanted and found a way to beat Lord Blyton’s superb keeper Matthew. The referee blew the whistle and both teams jogged towards their coaches. After everybody had a quick drink, it was time to come back on.

Lord Blyton came on the pitch determined to win the match. After lots of helpful through passes Alex O’Donovan and Mitchell Smith scored which made the score 3-1. The whole team knew they were going to win and so did all of the parents. After several minutes of passing and keeping possession the referee blew the final whistle and all the parents cheered. Lord Blyton walked off the pitch with a smile on their faces.

After the win Mr Gilmore spoke to them about how well they played and mentioned individuals who scored.