St Gregorys October 2017 – Mitchell

Lord Blyton steal 8-0 win against St. Gregory’s!


On a crisp autumn Wednesday night at Mortimer community college, Lord Blyton Primary took on St Gregory’s for their first game of the season. As the first half kicked off, there was no waiting around as Carter Winter almost broke the net scoring two screamers. As Lord Blyton continued dominating the ball, another three goals from Mitchell Smith, JB and Matthew sealed the deal for the team. As the lads had already ploughed through the first half with some excellent goals, passing and team work, it was obvious that the second half was going to be even better.

After a quick drink and a team talk, the lads were ready for the second half. As the whistle blew, Lord Blyton were quick off the mark with some tackles on St Gregory’s players. They succeeded in getting possession of the ball again and tried to score more goals. Mitchell Smith’s dad, who was watching said “the lads have truly shown how well they can work together and I know that they will win even though the match isn’t over yet!”.

 He was right because Lord Blyton didn’t give up one bit, they continued overpowering St Gregory’s and another fantastic goal from Carter flattened all St Gregory’s hopes of victory. With Carters hattrick, Lord Blyton were leading 6-0 with no looking back. Then in true Lord Blyton style, Matthew went ahead and scored his second goal of the game with Alex O’ Donovan completely sealing the deal with the final goal of the night.

Overall, Lord Blyton showed that they can win and that they can defend the goal very well. Not only that, they showed the other team they can also strike the ball with some power and score many goals in a short space of time. It was an excellent game with some superb passing, skills, movement, team work and goals.


Mitchell Smith

Year 6