Year 2 Home Learning Activities w/b 18/5/20

Last updated on May 18th, 2020 at 09:27 am


Reading Eggs – all children have passwords

Choose one spelling unit each day.

Read a book of your choice – Read a book of your choice –talk about any new words and what they mean.  Talk about what is happening in the story.  Ask grown ups if there is something you don’t understand.

Practise the words from the Year 2 list provided – choose 5 per day.  You can use different coloured pencils, write them big or small, play puzzles with a grown up – to make practising fun! (If struggling, see the High Frequency word lists- attached)


Write a letter

Think about who you are missing the most during our lockdown.  Write them a letter and try to write in paragraphs.  Plan sensible sentences, write them then check they make sense (read them out loud).

What questions do you want to ask them? (How they are or what they have been doing…etc) Remember question marks!

What do you want to tell them? (You could tell them about what you have been doing during lockdown).

What do you hope to do in the future when you can see them again?

Don’t forget to close your letter in a friendly way!

(See the example letter from Mrs Mattimore below)


BBC Bitesize KS1 Maths Daily Lessons.

Children will be expected to complete at least one unit of Mathletics each day.  There may be special tasks set which must be completed before children can choose.  Remember to have a piece of scrap paper and a pencil to use to work things out.

Using Mathletics – click on explore and then videos.  Practise times tables. Click on Play – choose games such as Rainforest Maths to practise what you have learnt in class.


Science and Geography:    Write in your homework books.

BBC Bitesize KS1 Science

Daily Lesson – Classifying Animals

Following research about different habitats you are going to learn about different animal groups and why they live in particular habitats.

Click on the picture and listen to the video (for each animal group).

In your book – draw a picture of an animal for each group, e.g.

(There is a worksheet if you want to print one but is not necessary)

I live in a _____________habitat because…
I live in a _____________ habitat because….

Repeat for all 6 animal groups – Bird, Reptile, Minibeast, Mammal

Can you write a sentence to tell me which habitat your animal will live in and why? (Does it need water, heat, dark etc).  Why is that a good habitat for the animal? What does your animal eat? What could it find to eat in that habitat?

(You can write more than 1 sentence if you wish!)

Australia – Can you create a poster (power point or VLOG if you want to be adventurous and have support) telling everyone why they should visit Australia and the Great Barrier Reef?

Additional Resources

Example Letter:

                                                                                                                                                                15th May 2020

Dear Year 2,

How are you doing?  I hope you are well and feeling happy about being at home with your family.  Have you been having fun? I hope you have been painting some lovely rainbows and pictures during this very special time.  Have you done any cooking or baking?  I have seen some lovely photographs of some clever bakers.  How I wish I could bake like you!  Have you been doing lots of exercise?  There are lots of opportunities to do some amazing activities and learn from some very intelligent experts on the internet and television.  I hope you haven’t forgotten how to write!

I miss you all lots and think about you every day.  During this strange time, I have been trying to get fit so have been doing lots of exercise in the house.  I have been doing Joe Wicks exercise sessions although I haven’t been dressing up (I don’t have any fancy dress outfits) for his Friday sessions.  Every day I go outside for a walk with Mr Mattimore and Ewan to get some fresh air and sunshine as this makes me feel happy and healthy.  I have been working on my computer and talking to lots of parents and carers via email and I have loved seeing the photographs and letters they have sent back.  Unfortunately, I can’t see all my family and miss seeing them so I have been chatting to them on Facetime.  How I love to see their faces!  What would we have done if we didn’t have technology?

When we come out of lockdown, I am really looking forward to seeing all your smiley faces again.  I think we will need lots of time to talk about our adventures!  I cannot wait to be able to meet up with my family too, even if I can’t hug them yet.  I look forward to getting back to school and playing in the garden again. It will be strange but fun finding games we can play without getting too close to our friends.  You will all have to get thinking about new games! Did you know, some children have been planting in our garden? We will be able to explore our vegetable bed and see what they have planted.  We will be able to meet our new garden scarecrow too, but we must not shake its hand!

I look forward to hearing from you soon and can’t wait until we can meet again!

Best wishes to you all,

Mrs Mattimore

If you need any further information or advice about home learning only, then Mrs Mattimore can be contacted directly @