Lord Blyton 10k Friday League Table

Morning everyone,
This is the end of week 2 of the Lord Blyton lockdown challenge every Friday morning I am going publish a current year group league table. This is only for FUN and a visual aid for parents/carers/kids to get involved.  Call it healthy competition. So make it competitive by trying to push YOUR child a little further, but please remember they have limits and getting outside and doing any amount of exercise is a huge positive and that time period is time away from screens.
Any questions (not grief) drop me an email and in the meantime keep the challenges coming through!! 

So at the time of this being put on 
1. Year 3 100km combined
2. Year 2 70km combined
3. Year 4 50km combined
3. Year 6 50km combined
3. Year 1 50km combined
4. Year 5 40km combined
5. Rec 30km combined

Keep them coming
Stay safe
Mr G