School Reopening – Letter from the Local Authority

As you are aware I have met with Mrs Wales and the Chair of Governors and our Health and Safety Governor.
We will meet as a full Governing Body to decide whether to reopen Lord Blyton School to nursery, reception, year 1 and year 6 from 1 st June 2020. on Tuesday 26th May.
We have taken on board all the guidance from Local and National Government and followed the DFE guidance on reopening schools.
We have listened to some views of parents, staff, Governors and other stakeholders.
What we must decide as a school is is it safe for pupils, staff, parents and other stakeholders. We must be confident that we can protect everyone to our best ability based on guidance and what is known about Covid 19. When we are satisfied we will open the school further.
This is a difficult time for everyone in many different ways. I must thank the staff for working through this period so far and their commitment to Lord Blyton. I must thank the Governors for ensuring we are all supported and the pupils and parents for your continued support.
You will have seen in the press and on social media what school may look like if we decide to reopen. This is certainly not Lord Blyton School as we know it.
You are all doing a fabulous job with the learning you are creating for your children and we very much appreciate your efforts.
Our decision will be for the right reasons, safety for all and stopping the spread of Covid 19 is at the top of them. Children can catch up on their learning when we are satisfied it is safe to do this in the right environment.
There is a letter from the Local Authority which will be on here and emailed to you. 
Please stay safe and continue to support us as we will support you if you need it.
Thank you again and we will keep you informed.