Lord Blyton Friday League Table 22/5/20

Morning all 
As promised here is the updated league table as of the moment I sent this email. The league table is only a bit of visual fun so don’t take it too seriously!! I am absolutely buzzing at how many kids are taking part in the lockdown challenge and so far there is someone new every day! Keep it up everyone. Well done!

So league table is:
1. Year 3 330km
2. Year  4 150km
2. Year 2 150km
4. Year 1 130km
5. Reception 110km
6. Year 5  90km
7. Year 6  60km
8. Nursery (3 year olds) 20k

So as a school we have cycled/walked/ran 1070km (if my maths is correct) which is roughly the distance between our school and Le Mans in France!!! 
Well done everyone!! 
Stay safe 
Mr G

And here are today’s latest certificates: