Lockdown Challenge Friday League Tables 5/6/20

Morning everyone
Lord Blyton lockdown challenge update:

There are now 65 of our children actively taking part in the challenge which is absolutely fantastic!! I would love to get at least another 5 by next Friday’s update to get us to 70!!
Well done on those who have joined back in after a “rest” period too!! 
Also, I have been gobsmacked at how far some of you have gone on your bike rides as I have done similar if not the same rides and know how tough they are!! 

League table: 

1. Year 3  740km
2. Year 4  370km
3. Year 1  330km
4. Year 2  270km
5. Rec     260km
6. Year 5  250km
7. Year 6 60km
8. 3 years old Nursery  50km

All together as a school we have cycled/ran/walked 2330km!!!!
Roughly the distance between our school and pretty much Central Spain if we travel South!! 
Couple of challenges within the challenge
1. 5 new children to start before next Friday
2. Close the gap on year 3
3. Year 6 to wake up from their lockdown nap 😉😂
4. If you have sent me a run/walk/ride but haven’t for a while try and do at least 10k this week! 

Well done everyone!! 

Stay safe

Mr G