Lockdown challenge Friday League Table 12/6/20

Good morning everyone!!
lockdown challenge update: It has definitely been a rain soaked week which has made it very difficult for us all to get out and about, but some have still managed it! Last week I set a challenge within the challenge: The first was to increase our participation numbers by 5 to take us to a total of 70! We haven’t managed it but I’m blaming the rain, hopefully, by next Friday we will have 70. We have managed an increase to 66 children taking part, which considering the weather is still very good.
It would be great to see some children returning to the lockdown challenge to increase their personal achievements!

League table:

1. Year 3 850km
2. Year 1 370km
3. Year 4 350km (last week was a typo) 
4. Rec 300km
5. Year 2 270km
6. Year 5 260km
7. Year 6 80km
8. 3 year olds nursery 60km

Not a huge difference from last week – so distance wise we are still in  Central Spain! 
Keep it up everyone and lets pray for better weather this week
Well done 
Stay safe
Mr G