After School Club Policy

Our aims:

·         To provide a happy, welcoming place where all children are valued

·         To help children be healthy

·         To have strong partnerships with parents

·         To ensure the safety and welfare of each child

·         To offer a varied and stimulating range of play opportunities

Location of the After School Club

The Club sessions are held in the Family Room located in the main school building..

We are also able to access other areas of the school such as the library, the hall, the outdoor play space.

Our opening times are as follows:

We are open daily throughout Lord Blyton Primary School term 3.15 p.m. to 5.15 p.m.

We have places for up to 20 children aged from 3 – 11 years in each session. Children are collected from their classroom and brought to the club by one of the club staff team. On arrival they are offered a drink and snack and then we all sit together for registration.

Admissions Policy

We are a fully inclusive club open to ALL children girls and boys of statutory school age. Should your child have any additional or special needs please record these on the registration form and speak to Mrs Neilson or Mrs Waller to ensure your child can be appropriately welcomed into the club.


A completed registration form is required for each child attending the Club. Places at the club are allocated on a strictly ‘first come first served’ basis.

Bookings for The Hive (After School Care) can only be made via ParentMail. Spaces are limited so please ensure you book your spaces by Monday lunchtime to avoid disappointment.


Payment is due in advance, £5.00 per session. Any bookings made for the following week are able to be cancelled and refunded only with 24 hours notice, except where a child is ill, in which case payments will be automatically refunded as soon as possible. Refunds will be issued via ParentMail.

Cancellations and Sickness

Please do contact the school if your child will be absent through sickness or any other reason, as we are concerned when a child booked does not show up, & results in us checking with the class teacher to try and find your child. As you can imagine this takes time and causes worry for the staff and disruption for the other children.

Should you wish to cancel your child’s place at club we will require 24 hours notice

The club also reserves the right to withdraw the service if parents do not follow cancellation procedures or if payments are consistently late.

Collecting children at 3.15pm

Children are collected from their classrooms by a member of our staff. They will need to carry their coats and bags to the family room and store them

A register is taken at the beginning of each session whilst the children are enjoying their snack.

Going Home

You need to knock on the door of the after school club. A  member of staff to let you in to the school building.

It is important that parents/carers sign out their child on the daily register/collection sheet when children are collected.

We will challenge any person who comes to collect your child that you have not named on the registration form. Should you wish to change/add/delete a person’s name to the list of who can collect your child/ren, please notify a member of staff.

Please ask a member of staff to let you out of the door when leaving this ensures the building remains secure for all children.

As we have to vacate the school by 5.15p.m., please collect your child by 5.15 p.m. at the latest. In the event of a delay in collecting your child please telephone 01914240550 as soon as possible and leave a message on the answer phone.

Late collection of children, unless notified, will result in the club taking care of the child for half an hour after closure whilst continuing to contact all numbers given and will result in an additional charge of £5.00 will be charged to cover the costs of the staff. If unsuccessful, the club is obliged to contact Social Services who will take responsibility of the child/ren and continue to try to contact parents until successful. The club is unable to care for a child who has not been collected within half an hour, due to legal requirements. Please note – the club is not insured for childcare purposes after advertised closing hours. The club reserves the right to withdraw the service if consistent late collection occurs.

Snack Food

Our snack food aims to be multi-cultural and offer a healthy balance. On arrival at the Club at 3.15p.m. the children are offered a drink and snack of a sandwich. The children have snack in small groups and are expected to sit at a table to eat and drink it. This is to develop social skills. Please speak to the staff should your child have any special dietary requirement. Should your child be on a restrictive diet you may be asked to supply your child’s snack food.


We follow the school rules with regard to behaviour to ensure consistency for the children at club. We use the Class Dojo system and this is continued at the club. We expect good behaviour from staff and children and respect for others. We use various techniques to encourage good behaviour including praise, rewards such as housepoints, stickers and certificates. We use distraction techniques and discussion for unacceptable behaviour. We do not tolerate bullying or name calling.

After School Club Rules

We Do – Respect each other, help each other, listen, share, have a good time & look out for each other, inside and outside the club.

We Don’t – Climb on equipment, damage equipment, shout, swear or bully, fight with each other, go into areas that are “out of bounds”, go outside the rooms without asking an adult.

We aim to provide safe and stimulating play, whilst encouraging fair play within a sharing and caring environment.

Lord Blyton After School Club reserves the right to withdraw the service if a child’s behaviour is consistently unacceptable.

Accident and Medical consent forms

Should your child have an accident e.g. fall or bump whilst at club, trained first aid staff will offer appropriate treatment and complete an accident report form. You will be informed if they have been in an accident..

We will not administer any medication (except in an emergency) without your prior written consent. You will first be asked to complete a medical consent form before we can give prescribed inhalers or other medicine.

The Curriculum at After School Club

Indoor Activities at the Club

Our programme of planned activities places emphasis on providing safe & fair play & aims to be creative, stimulating & varied within a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Each child is encouraged to make choices in their play activities in order to promote self confidence, independence and self esteem. Our weekly programme of activities may include:

·         Art using various mediums and exploring cultural diversity

·         Crafts using a wide variety of textures, materials and opportunities

·         Construction toys, Board games, jigsaws

·         Small World Toys

·         Home Corner/Role Play

·         Fantasy play toys

·         Music

·         Computers and ICT

·         DVD

Outdoor Play at the Club

The Club has access to the school playing fields; children are always supervised by a members of staff from the Club during outside play. Appropriate footwear is required before children are allowed to use equipment

For health and safety reasons children cannot play with other (non Club attending) children or other users of the school playing fields whilst they are in our care.

We have a varied range of outdoor play equipment & children are encouraged to gain fresh air & exercise. Outdoor play will include bat and ball games, team games, hoola hoops, skipping, field sports and use of the school grounds. The outdoor play area is checked regularly by staff to ensure the safety of the area.


3.15- Key Stage 1 children collected from the classrooms and go to the family room.

They hang up coats and bags and sit at a table for snack. Children are told when they can leave the snack table or they put up their hands to ask permission. The children will not be offered a snack at any other time during the evening. The snack consists of a sandwich or cheese and crackers, a biscuit and a drink. Fruit is available.

3.30 Key Stage 2 children walk to the family room and have their snack.

Children are offered planned activities or they can have choice of the activities they wish to do. They have access to the above areas to follow their own interests.

Children are expected to tidy up the activities they have been playing with as they move around the after school club, staff are not there to tidy up after children as all children are expected to tidy up as they are in school.

Sun Protection Policy

We recognise the dangers posed to children by over exposure to sun. In hot weather parents are encouraged to provide a sun hat for their children. In hot weather staff will encourage children to drink frequently and stay in shady areas. The club follows the schools health and safety policy.

Policies and Procedures

The club is managed by Lord Blyton Primary School Governing Body and adheres to the schools policies and procedures where appropriate.

Equal Opportunities

We are committed to taking positive and proactive steps to ensure that we provide a safe, caring and welcoming environment, which promotes and reflects cultural and social diversity and is equally accessible to all. We aim to achieve an environment free from discrimination and will endeavour to challenge both direct and indirect discrimination in our decision making, employment practices and service provision. We aim to treat all children and their families with equal concern and value.

Child Protection Policy

We have a responsibility for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children. Our policy outlines our role and the procedures and guidelines we will use with the aim of protecting all children in our care from harm. Where necessary we will liaise with local and national child protection agencies and be led by local policies, guidelines and procedures. All staff receive regular child protection training.

The schools designated child protection officer is Mrs Atherton, Headteacher and in her absence the deputy child protection officer is Mrs Wales.


The After School Club follows the schools policy for complaints. If you are concerned about any aspect of the after school club, all complaints are to be referred to:

Mrs J Atherton


Lord Blyton School

Blyton Avenue

South Shields

NE34 9BN



All staff will either hold a childcare qualification or have previous childcare experience. All staff are required to undertake DBS checks, and prior to commencement of employment all staff have to supply two written references.

Staff are encouraged to undertake ongoing training as appropriate.

Commitment to parents/carers

We value our relationship with parents and are committed to working in partnership with you to provide high quality play and care for your child.

We aim to:

·         Welcome you at all times to discuss our work, have a chat or take part in our activities

·         Keep you informed about our opening times, fees and programme of activities

·         Be consistent and reliable to enable you to plan for your child’s out-of-school care with confidence and peace of mind.

·         Share and discuss your child’s achievements, experiences and friendships.

·         Listen to your views and concerns to ensure that we continue to meet your needs.

Further Information

If you require any further information about Lord Blyton After School Club please speak to Mrs Atherton or Mrs Carr in the school office. Registration packs are available from the office.