Expectations for Remote Learning

Parent/Carers will: 

  • Set a clear routine with each child using the timetable and the daily learning set.  
  • Read all communications that come out from the school to ensure they are fully aware and up to date with news.  
  • Support their children to complete all of the learning set, encouraging them to work independently as much as possible.  
  • Liaise with school staff and seek support on behalf of their child when needed, with class teacher via email.  
  • Ensure courtesy and politeness to any member of staff within any communication.  
  • Provide access to the learning offered for their children.  
  • Support their children by emailing the teacher pictures of completed work for assessment and feedback, or as directed by the class teacher.  
  • Communicate with the class teacher when necessary using the class e-mail address.  
  • Maintain vigilance in monitoring their child’s online usage, in light of important E-Safety Guidance.  
  • Share these expectations with their children. 

 School staff when sessions are live or recorded agree to:

  • Only use my school email and account to access a virtual lesson or video conference.
  • I will be polite and respectful at all times. 
  • I will conduct myself as if I were in the classroom. 
  • I will dress in an appropriate fashion. 
  • I will try to ensure the space where I am working will be suitable. 
  • I will try to minimise distractions. 
  • I will not record any of the sessions or take photographs or screen shots.