3 Year Old Nursery’s First Term

Last updated on September 1st, 2019 at 06:38 pm

In the 3 yr old Nursery we have been very busy this half term. We talked about ourselves, looked carefully in mirrors and created some fantastic self-portraits.

We made some huge ears and practised being ‘good listeners’ in our Phonics sessions.

We looked at seasonal changes and used the Autumn leaves we collected in our artwork.

We collected Blackberries and tried the jelly, Mrs Campbell made from them, on toast. Most children loved it and had second and third helpings. Four children didn’t want to try any.

We’ve had a great time in the new Soft Play room and every Friday we dress up in waterproofs and wellies and explore our school ‘Forest’, whatever the weather.

We have also tried ‘Yoga’ during ‘Mental Health Day’ and had a brilliant time.

We have all settled brilliantly in our new Nursery Building, have made some wonderful new friends and are ready for a rest in the half term holiday so we can be ready for actions when we come back. During the first week we can come in fancy dress for our ‘Halloween Fun Day’ on Wednesday 31stOctober and later in the term will be taking part in ‘National Nursery Rhyme Week’ as well as a variety of Christmas activities.

Mrs Campbell and Mrs Thompson