Halloween Week in 3 Year Old’s Nursery

We’ve had a great Halloween week.We made and tried Pumpkin Soup, hammered golf tees into pumpkins in our Pumpkin patch, made bat puppets, described pumpkins and had a sensory walk with bare feet through Autumn leaves, pine cones, conkers and pumpkin gloop (to help develop our descriptive language), played ‘Pin the nose on the witch’ and Halloween corners and tried to eat our apples from strings. We have also read a variety of books including ‘Meg and Mog’ stories, ‘Funny Bones’, ‘Pumpkin Soup’ and ‘The busy spider’. The children looked fantastic in their fancy dress outfits on our Halloween Fun Day. Some children even brought in Pumpkin lanterns and Maxwell and Layla won our competition and received a book each for their efforts. Enjoy the photos: