School Council Meeting 12.6.17

Mrs Campbell and councillors met in the Reception classroom:

Year 6: Ryan Shaw & Rosie Alder;

Year 5: Miles Waller & Sharea Mushins;

Year 4: Lola Blyth & Alex O’Donovan;

Year 3: Aliya-Mai Moore & NC;

Year 2: Lexi Barnes & Liam Williams

  • Councillors were welcomed to their first meeting and procedures explained. Last meetings minutes were read.
  • NC said he was worried about bikes being ridden in the yard and on the grass when entering school. Alex suggested councillors could be responsible to say to children not to ride bikes and Mrs Campbell will ask Mrs Atherton if she can mention it on the next newsletter and/or facebook.
  • The previous council’s idea for a ‘scooter playtime’ was discussed again and Liam suggested an obstacle course could be set up in the yard to improve skills as well.
  • Aliya-Mai asked if Councillors/monitors be responsible for telling children not to play on the ‘Trim Trail’ and grass in wet weather.
  • Alex asked if school could have a ‘Fitness Club’ in the outside gym after school. Mrs Campbell will ask if Mr Gilmore or Miss Campbell would be interested in running such a club.
  • Ryan asked when rainy lunch times could Year 6 children go into the ICT suite if they wanted instead of the hall for a video. If there were spaces then Year 5 children could make up the numbers.