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Week BeginningTopicOther Important datesLinks to PSHE Themes
(One Life Scheme)
2rd September New Beginnings Return to schoolGetting to Know each other 1 & 2
9th September New Beginnings
16th September Democracy in School How laws are made 3
Understanding democracy 5
Laws and rules 5
Debating 3 and 5
23rd September British Values
Understanding democracy 5
30th September Similarities and differences
7th October What is Mental Health? World Mental Health Day 10th
14th October What is a food bank?
23rd October Harvest Festival Harvest Festival
28th October
4th November Getting on and falling out
How to make friends 1
Understanding why we fall out 1
The importance of friends 3
Finding solutions when we fall out with friends 3
4th November Fire Safety
Bonfire Night
Hazards in the home 1
Risks 4 and 6
12th NovemberArmistice Day
Anti- Bullying Week
FAB Awards
DLI Assembly
18th NovemberRemembering the past
25th NovemberChristmas Traditions
St Andrew’s Day
2nd December Christmas around the World
9th DecemberThe Christmas StoryChristmas Shows
16th DecemberChristmas Celebrations
24th – 31st December
6th JanuaryGoing for Goals
Simple goals 2
Overcoming barriers 3
13th JanuaryGoing for Goals
20th JanuaryRSPB Bird Watch25th Jan RSPB
27th JanuaryTaking care of our bodies1st Feb Numbers DayHygiene 1
What makes people healthy 3
Personal hygiene 5
3rd FebruaryChinese New Year
Internet Safety
Children’s Mental Health Week
5th Chinese New Year
5th Internet Safety Day

4th 10th February Children’s Mental Week
10th FebruaryLove Valentine’ Day
Safer Internet Day 11th February
17th February
24th FebruarySt David
Shrove Tuesday and Lent
1st March St David’s Day
5th March Shrove Tuesday
2nd MarchReading and its importance7th March
World Book Day
8th March International Women’s Day
8th March Start of Science Week
9th MarchCaring for animalsSt Patricks Day 17th March
16th MarchSpecial People in our lives including Mother’s
31st March Mother’s Day
30th MarchIt is good to be different2nd World Autism Day
Autism Awareness Week
Different types of families 3
We are all unique 2
Differences and similarities 3 and 4
6th 13th April10th Good friday
20th AprilRelationships23rd April
St George’s Day
Different families 1and 2
Different types of relationships 6
27th AprilSun Safety
4th AprilDemocracySchool Elections for Pupil Council
11th MayResilienceSATs weekStanding up for yourself 1 and 3
18th MayRecycling and reusingNational Smile Month 18th May 18th JuneWays to save energy 4
Ways to save water 4
Saving energy and recycling 2
25th MayMental Health Awareness Week
1st JuneCaring for the environment4th June Eid
5th June World Environmental Day
Child Safety week
Pollution 2
Climate change 4 and 6
Environment 6
8th JuneMindfulness8th Queen’s BirthdayStaying calm and relaxed 1
15th JuneSpecial people in our lives including Father’s16th June Father’s DayPositive role models 5
22nd JuneLooking after our teeth
Hygiene 1
Being healthy 1 and 2
Personal hygiene 5
29th JuneWater Safety
6th JulyChangesI can make change happen 2
Changing my behaviour 2
Making changes to school and the local area 2
Embracing positive changes 4
Responding to changes 6
13th JulyMoving onLeavers AssemblyTransition and moving on
Saying goodbye 6
20nd July