PE Premium Review 2018/19

Target – Increase levels in the children experiencing competitive and non- competitive sporting events.

Review – By still allowing “free” travel for our children to offsite sporting events means that all of our children who are interested or selected for events can take part without any added worries. This coupled with having the capacity to enter more teams or individuals for events allowing for more children were given extra access to improve their all round sporting abilities.

Target – To further increase the children’s skill levels in a wider range of sports.

Review – By further developing partnerships with outside agencies we were able to further broaden our children’s knowledge and ability in a variety of sports allowing them the opportunity of greater success and participation. Over the course of the year our children were given specialised coaching/training in cheerleading, boccia, dance and goalball.

Target – Decrease in child obesity and improvement in healthy lifestyles

Review –  All children across school were regularly active whether it be as part of a PE lesson, extra curricular clubs or through added initiatives such as the Golden Mile. All children were regularly taught the values and positives of a healthy lifestyle through the aforementioned provisions.

Target  – All KS2 pupils to receive expert swimming instruction.

Review –  All of our pupils from year 3 – 6 received specialist swimming instruction from staff at Haven Point, this gives them the best possible chance to achieve the KS2 learning outcomes of being competent of swimming 25m by the time they leave in year 6.

Target – Children throughout school experience a rare and new sporting activity

Review – As a school we purchased a “Hoopstarz” experience day which allowed all of our children to take part in a brand new sport. This gives a further alternative for our children to take part in sport above and beyond what they would normally do in school. Furthermore it gave them a platform to excel in a less common sport.

Target – Upskilling of staff, greater opportunity for children to participate in sport. Opportunities for the school and individuals to be recognised on a regional and national level.

Review – We bought into the School Games Network for the 3rd consecutive year, this allowed for school staff CPD to increase their knowledge and competence in delivering specific sports. Due to the amount of competitions that are available throughout the academic year our children have had the chance to showcase their skills at a higher level than they can within school.

Target – Improvement of children’s technical and tactical knowledge. An improvement to each child’s resilience to PE and sport. More in depth knowledge of the positive effects of PE and sport both physically and mentally.

Review – By including our school in as many competitive events as possible, there is an increased chance that each child will develop a stronger resilience to setbacks. They can take losing in a sporting environment into everyday life and react positively to any setbacks they endure.

Each child has gained more knowledge of tactics and the technical side of sports by having more time timetabled in where they can take part in PE and sport and gain a stronger understanding, this can then be utilised in more competitive scenarios.