Hi Registered Users

When submitting an article don’t forget to select the publishing tab, and select a category otherwise your article won’t appear on the website. This category will be your name unless you want to add an article to news which will display as a news article or media which is used for media publications such as the Shields Gazette articles.  Any article in your named category will display on your page of the website under articles.

There is also a publish from and end date in the publishing tab. Use these if you wish to delay the publication of an article until a certain time/date, or have it removed from the website after a certain date.

You don’t have to enter anything into the Language or Metadata tabs.

The article button at the bottom will put a link to another article on the Lord Blyton Website.  

Use the Image button to upload an image. Please upload images in your own directory which is in the folder photos and then your named folder. There is a whole school folder for photos of events. 

Once you submit your article you can edit it by visiting the article on the website when you are logged in and clicking on edit.  If you wish to remove it, change the end date in the publishing tab to the current date/time.


In the user menu there is a link to the webmail at one.com. Your username is your email address which is your first initial and surname followed by @lordblytonprimaryschool.co.uk and your password was the one you set when you signed up. If you forget this password you will have to contact me to reset it.