Easter Egg Competiton Entries

Thea and Ivorys family entry 🙂 NHeggS

Adam Smith from year one and Aurora-Leigh Fenwick from nursery 2years did a joint egg with the help of mum

Connell Scorer castle with dragon and knights

Jasmine and Ariella Majeed 2 year old and 3 year old nursery

Cherry, Year 3

Coco Year 1

Kruz and Siann rocket off to the Baker’s planets

Jacob Coxon Reception Old Macdonald’s farm

Sophia-grace Thomas 3 year old nursery

Leo Simpson 3 year old nursery. Minion

Emilia Simpson Year 1 Unicorn

Grace Caine Year 5 Bunnies

Leon Kenny
Nursery Miss Hall
Leon choose to do the aliens from Toy story as his family egg
“It’s the claw”
And Leon wanted to do a rainbow with a pot of gold as his egg for the children competition
He’s really enjoyed making them

Grace (nursery 3) with her Monster egg

Ellia Wears Nursery

Riley Birchall Yr2

Oscar Armour Isobel room Thomas the tank engine, Knapford station

Ava Armstrong (Miss Hall’s nursery class) Ava made a bunny and a fish all by herself

Sean Erskine Reception Family egg competition

This is what Tilly, Year 3, her little sister and her dad have been working on today, whilst I have been at work.

Tilly got the idea of doing a family of Eggs being that our surname is Egglestone

Maxwell Rodgers (reception) Easter egg, Peter Rabbit

Emilie (Y3) and Oliver (Reception) easter egg entry.

Thea and Ivory. From the 2 year old room have made chicken eggs for the egg competition.

Our planets by Lilie Baker year 4 and Sofia Baker year 1

Lennon Reahs nursery Miss Hall.

Lennons super Easter (his choice of name 🙂

Ryan Brass Easter egg entry. Year 1

Ruby Peel Year 1

Ava Price 3 year old nursery with her chick, bunny and rainbow egg!

Tia Fox, Year 5 & Skyllar Fox, Year 2

Kieran Knight Year 1 Paper mache balloon eggs

With all that’s going on Michael wanted to do something different. Aliens. Michael Davis reception.

Sophie Turner, Year 5. Loves doing TikTok’s she’s missed doing them with her friends

Liam Williams year 5, Easter Island

Maria Maitland nursery

Emma Buglass 3year Nursery

Chloe Jessica Cairns – Reception

Millie van de lang. Easter egg competition entry.

Lily from year 2 Easter egg competition entry. Inspired by the NHS.

Cody chose to do this as his egg comp this year because he has been so scared by it all and wants to keep everyone safe.

Kobe Turnbull nursery 3 Miss Hall

Family Easter Egg Competition Entry from the McLaren’s

Charlotte in year 6 Easter egg entry – A Thurston themed Ghyll ‘Scramble’-ing

Evie in Year 3 Easter egg entry – Colour Glitter Glow

Daniel H in year 4 Easter egg entry – Terraria the twins boss battle

Before the school closure, Finn in Year 2 brought his Easter Egg into school. Team Monday have kindly taken a photo so we can show you all and enter it into our Easter Egg competition.

Here is our second entry for the Easter Egg Competition, from Miya Massingham in Year 1:

27th March 2020

We have had our first entry for the Easter Egg Competiton:

Aimee Wood (Y6) Easter egg creation. She made this by herself with recycled card for the frame of the cottage, coffee stained paper, she grew the cress and designed the eggs. Loving a bit glue gun. She calls it the Easter Cottage.

We are looking forward to seeing more of your creations. Keep checking back for more updates!

If you do not have Facebook messenger to submit your entries, you can email them to