Year 6 Home Updates

Harrison has been making pizzas

Harrison has been making rainbows ?

Aimee and Jayden had a busy day yesterday. They visited Saltwell Park and spotted a cute squirrel. He didn’t like skips! Then Jayden made dessert after tea… It was a little bit gooey in the middle but yummy.

Well done to Aimee for working so hard with her planting and growing and applying for her Blue Peter badge

Aimee and Jayden have both been doing practice Sat’s tests.. Maths yesterday and English today.
Well done to both of you… keep up the good work!

Lacey and Corey have been enjoying the sunshine over the weekend

Grace racing her radio controlled car at weekend. Keeping the practice up.

Harrison has been making pizza. Here is his before and after shots of his homemade cheese, tomato, salami and pepperoni pizza ? Looks delicious Harrison! ?

Harrison’s Mam sent these photos of Harrison practising his basketball skills.Well done Harrison, keep up the good work!

Harrison making something special for his big brothers 21st birthday on Monday xx sequince by numbers x (sports car of course) x

Charlotte’s pop art poster to get across the message of how people must stay at home, for today’s art!

Ava in Year 6 has used the “Thank you NHS” theme to produce her Andy Warhol inspired art. She has done lots of other lovely work too and is obviously keeping herself busy! Well done Ava

Aimee W in Year 6 has kept herself very busy today doing lots of Earth Day activities. Well done Aimee

Today’s subject is history!
Evie is being scarred for life learning the ancient Egypt mummification process, Daniel is learning the timeline for ancient Greece and charlotte is learning the different crimes and punishments throughout the ages, and shocked how some people had their ears sliced off ?

It wasn’t called horrible histories for nothing!

Aimee planned and help cook a 3 course meal for tea this evening. It was pasta, salad and potato skin starter, steak, garlic prawn and chips and our favorite choc crisp cake and angel cake. It was delicious.

Aimee from Year 6’s mum sent this photo and update of what Aimee has been doing today – Aimee enjoyed a full afternoon of creating a model of the circulatory system. And we’ve drew up a full school plan of work to do over the next three weeks. Super proud of her model.Well done Aimee! We are really impressed with your model too

It has been lovely to hear from some of you and to be kept informed of what you have been up to, both work-related and in your free time. Thank you to Ronan and Aimee W who have given me permission to share what they sent me. Aimee has written a formal letter to the prime minister about the current situation we are in and Ronan has been putting his cookery skills to good use in the kitchen, making delicious curries and other meals for the family! I look forward to hearing from more of you in the coming days and weeks. Stay safe! Mrs Wales

Harrison has also been cooking at home. Well done Harrison, another Year 6 chef in the making!