Reception Home Learning Summer Term


  • Continue to read daily with your child, bedtime stories are the perfect opportunity for this.
  • Play phonics games on which is now free to use. Go to children>games>phase 1 or 2.
  • Astronauts are reading stories from the International Space Station! Just visit to listen.
  • Continue to use the Sounds Write ‘Initial Code’ app to practise building and reading words.
  • There are Sounds Write phonics activities in your home school pack to complete.


  • Continue to strengthen fine motor skills with activities such as threading/sewing, using tweezers to sort objects, kneading bread or any activity that requires squeezing, pinching and using your fingers!
  • Practise your handwriting with the sheets provided in your home learning pack.
  • Help your grown up write the shopping list – sound out the words as you write them.
  • Write a letter to a family member, friend or even Miss Neilson! Can you post your letter on your daily walk?
  • There are handwriting practise sheets in your home learning pack.


  • Continue to use the Top Marks website to play lots of different maths games. Visit then click on games for 3-5 year olds.
  • Draw a hopscotch in your garden or path to practise forming numbers. You could roll a dice to find the number, or throw a bean bag/teddy/rolled pair of socks and hop to the number it lands on.
  • Talk about what 3D (solid) shapes are, look at cubes, cuboids, cylinders and spheres. Go on a shape hunt around your house – how many different shapes can you find? Can you find any 2D shapes too? (flat shapes e.g. square, triangle, circle)
  • There are further maths activities in your home learning pack.


  • Our topic this term is superheroes! But not just the likes of Spiderman and Wonder Woman, the real life superheroes helping us today e.g. doctors, fire fighters, nurses, supermarket workers.
  • Make a poster to say thank you to our key workers. Put it up in your window for others to see.
  • With supervision, use a phone, tablet or computer to write an email to Miss Neilson. Talk about how we can still stay in touch without leaving the house.
  • Research a key worker of your choice and make a fact file to find out about their job e.g. how do you become a police officer? What do they do? What does their uniform look like? There are more activity ideas in your home learning pack.