Breakfast Club Policy


• To offer the children the opportunity of having a healthy breakfast at the start of the school day in a safe and friendly environment
• To support working parents by providing early morning childcare from 7.55am – 8.55am
• To continue to build positive links/relationships with parents.
• To provide a calm play environment in which for children to engage socially with children from other year groups, therefore strengthening relationships in the school community.

Ground Rules/Regulations:

• The Breakfast Club will be run by Lord Blyton Primary School at no cost to parents.

• The Club will provide a healthy breakfast and activities to assist learning e.g. doing homework, reading, drawing, watching educational programmes, playing board games, etc. Children will not be allowed to leave the Breakfast Club Room to play outside unsupervised.

• Staff will be responsible for the care and management of children treating them with respect at all times.

• The club will comply with environment health and food safety standards.

• There will be at least two members of staff in attendance at any time and legal guidelines relation to the adult/child ration will be adhered to.

Breakfast Club Staff:
Mrs Lynn Carr – Breakfast Club Co-ordinator
(Food Hygiene L2/Emergency First Aid
Mrs Auriel Neilson – Breakfast Club Assistant
(Food Hygiene L2/Emergency First Aid
Parent Volunteer – Breakfast Club Assistant

• All children are expected to behave well, show respect, be polite, look after equipment and resources, be co-operative and courteous to staff and each other.

• Children who do not behave well or do not show respect for staff or each other will be excluded from the club – either permanently or temporarily depending on circumstances.

• The club will operate on a free basis for the children of Lord Blyton Primary School. It is open to children from Reception to Year 6.

• Breakfast will finish being served at 8.30am

• As the start of school children in KS2 will be released into the playground to line up. Children in KS1 will be taken to the classroom.

• Parents are requested to show agreement with these regulations and rules by signing and returning a copy of this policy.

• Parents are requested to keep school informed of any changes in emergency contacts and mobile numbers via the school office.

• Parents of children in year’s groups from Reception to Year 4 are required to bring their children to school and hand them over. Children in Y5-Y6 are allowed to come to the club alone with a signed parental permission slip.

• In the event of a parent wishing to make a complaint, this should be made in the first instance to Mrs Carr the club co-ordinator. If a parent is still concerned then the matter should be taken to Mrs Atherton the Head Teacher.

Click here to download a printable copy of our Breakfast Club Policy.