Risk Assessment Update

Dear Parent/Carers


South Tyneside has been identified as an ‘Area of Enhanced Support’ for Covid due to the rising number of cases within the borough.

To help stop the spread of Covid within the school, from Monday 21st September , the following will apply:

Parent/Carer (of which there must be only one) whilst dropping off and collecting children will be required to wear a mask outside the gates and within the entrance to the school office.

Please ensure that you adhere to social distancing without blocking the pavement for other pedestrians.

You will be aware of local and national incidents where year group bubbles (and in some cases, the whole school have been sent home to isolate due to positive Covid tests within the school community.  We as a school are trying to avoid this and I will hope you will join us in supporting the use of facemasks.

Our staff will also be wearing a facemask or a visor.

J Atherton

Head teacher