Letter to parents 06/01/21

To all parents who are remote learning.

Your class teachers have prepared packs of learning for the pupils that will be available to complete at home. In the packs are resources, some of which will need to be returned to school once the pupils come back so please look after them.
The teachers have put in any passwords that the pupils need.
Please come to the classroom doors along the front of the building between 9.30 am and 12 am on Friday 8th January to collect the packs. The classroom doors will be labelled. Enter via the front gate and use the front entrances to the classrooms.
Nursery packs can be collected from the nursery via the Wenlock Road gate.
Each day teachers will upload work to be completed and there will be live or recorded lessons. Your class teachers will let you know when these are. Please where possible use these to help the pupils.
We all understand how difficult this must be for parents and we are also trying to teach our critical worker pupils and provide resources and online learning. Please be patient with us while we get this up and running. This is new for everyone. We are all working in school and will be available to help and support you where possible. Teachers will answer emails within the working day.
This is a difficult time for everyone and we appreciate this. It is also very new to us and we are learning too.

Information to parents of critical workers

On Thursday we will welcome your child back to school.
They will be in a bubble with the pupils from their class and taught by their class teacher. They will form larger bubbles for lunchtime and PE and other times it is required.
They will be expected to wear school uniforms and need a PE kit daily. Some of their PE kits will already be in school.
They will enter the school via the doors on the back, the one’s they used before Christmas.  These will be open between 8.55 and 9.05, manned by a member of staff.
Please remember we are in a lockdown so you will be required to wear a facemask on the premises at all times and limit the number of people dropping off to one person per child on the premises. They will sanitise their hands as they enter the building. Pupils should not be mixing with anyone outside the household and following lockdown rules so when they come to school there is a reduced chance of passing the infection. 
They do not need bags, just a pack lunch if they are required and a water bottle. Children in reception and Key Stage 1 will still receive a free hot meal as well as those in key stage 2 that qualify for Free School Meals. Paid meals need to be paid for in the usual way.
Children will be dismissed from the same doors as entry at 3 pm.
The children will be doing the same work that is provided online for those at home and so will not be expected to complete this outside school.
We will see you tomorrow.