Our curriculum as we all return to school

Our Curriculum as we Return on Monday 8th March.

All children are expected to return to school from Monday 8th March 2021. Full attendance is required unless a child has a particular reason, such as shielding, isolating or another illness. 

Whilst Government guidance remains in place for Covid-19 and its variants, our bubble structure will continue, as part of our risk assessed control measures along with limited mixing and maintaining appropriate physical distancing.

 Families and visitors to the site will be expected to wear face coverings. Staff will wear a face covering when meeting families at drop-off and pick-up times and when in communal areas around school. 

The drop up and pick up system will be reintroduced. Enhanced cleaning, including sanitising and hand washing will also continue. Staggered start, break, lunch and finish times will also remain, to minimise physical contact.

The Curriculum

 With the disruption to the children’s schooling, we cannot assume or presume anything about the quality of the learning experiences that the children have had. We will reintroduce the children to the routines of school and the basics of learning and learning behaviours. We must then begin to consider, not just the remainder of this academic year, but the whole of the next one. We need to look forward. Staff will need to work together in the coming weeks to formulate a curriculum plan that will move our children on at an appropriate, accelerated, academic pace, whilst building positive, valuable relationships

To thrive, the children need:

 • security 

• stability 

• consistency 

• emotional support 

• love 

• positive role models 

• structure 

• time 

We are not recreating what went before. We are building a future, keeping the best, and adding the better. We will be flexible and adaptable, whilst remaining positive and determined. We will continue to provide a deep and purposeful curriculum for all our children, although we will need to prioritise within certain core subjects.

Early Years Curriculum- Nursery and Reception

Once the pupils have been welcomed back into school we will do informal snap shot assessments through observations and play. We will then use this to inform our planning.

The pupils will follow the Power Maths curriculum, making counting, recognising, ordering and writing numbers the priority. Daily discrete phonic teaching will take place focusing on all learners’ abilities and needs.

We will carry out a wellbeing and involvement assessment for returning pupils to identify and individuals who may need some additional support.

We will be concentrating on the prime areas of learning which include communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development.

Year 1 to Year 6


The children will have two sessions of maths from year 1 to 6: 

• short session… overlearning the important basics, such as shape, measures, time and, where appropriate, multiplication tables.

 • longer session… beginning with place value and the rules of number. 

The pupils will follow the Power Maths curriculum ensuring that teaching covers the ready to progress steps. Mathletics will be used at home and encouraged.


Daily phonics sessions will be delivered in EYs and Key Stage 1 and where necessary in Key Stage 2. We will also ensure that the basics of handwriting, spelling and grammar lessons occur at an age appropriate level. Children will learn through emersion in a language-rich environment. We need them to read for themselves and be read to, present them with high quality texts, and get them to write in every appropriate lesson, across the curriculum, and at length through Key Stage 2.


This will focus on the topics the children would usually study during this time of year. When we return it is Science Week which give us some nice opportunities to investigate science.


The children will all be accessing PE through Mr Gilmores lessons following the Covid 19 Operational Guidance for delivering PE. We will where possible be providing additional activities for the children to promote being active.

PSHE and Well Being

There will be a well-being questionnaire for pupils to express their thoughts and feelings around themselves, the Lockdown 3 experience and the return to school. Support will be offered to pupils that require it. Lessons will then focus on the well being and strategies to help them.

History, Geography, Art , Design Technology and Music

We teach these subjects using a thematic approach and the skills and knowledge will be taught the same way on our return. Staff will set out their curriculum plans for the Summer for these subjects based on the next four weeks return. 

The Nissan Car project will run this term and the staff have attended the training virtually so some year groups will be designing and making cars.


Our children in Key Stage 2 will have access to their specialist teaching in French.


We understand that children will have had different experiences during Lockdown 3. On the return to school we will support pupils with their behaviour and making sensible choices. What we will not tolerate is violence towards each other or towards staff. Cases where violence is used will be treated individually and investigated but not tolerated. Parents will be informed and consequences given. In order for pupils to return and settle to learning there needs to be a calm, orderly and safe environment.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday 8th March 2021.