Maths Action Plan 2021

This is our third year of being part of the Great North Maths Hub Mastery TRG with 2021-22 being our ‘Sustaining Year.’ Due to the issues which have affected us for the past year, this will be more of an embedding year with an increased focus on staff training for mastery but also on ensuring that an appropriate recovery curriculum is prioritised to enable our children to make as accelerated progress as possible.
Priority Targets:  Actions to be takenBy WhomSuccess CriteriaImpact/Evaluation
Providing a recovery curriculum  NCETM Curriculum Prioritisation materials to be used by staff to map out the coverage which has been done.   Use the Ready to Progress criteria documents to prioritise the focus for the remainder of the academic year 2020-2021 so that pupils are being exposed to the core concepts needed to have them ready for the next academic year.   Baseline maths assessments to be ordered and used for whole school data analysis to look at which areas need to be given extra focus either within year groups or as a whole school.   Dialogue between current and next year’s teacher for each class to ensure clarity of coverage, missed learning and priorities to focus on.     KS1 to begin the ‘Mastering Number’ programme through the Great North Maths Hub to support retention of number.   Whole school to use Numbots/TTRS to improve fluency and retention of number facts.     Use of pre-teaching and same day interventions to accelerate learning and close gaps.       PM calculation policy to be adhered to by all staff from reception through to year 6 so that there is a clear consistent approach to modelling.   Daily additional fluency sessions in years 3-6 focusing on the identified needs of the pupils OR on revisiting prior learning (Fast Four, Fluent in Five or similar.) *Mastering Number will ensure this is also being done in Years R, 1 and 2.   National Tutoring Program funding to target year 5 pupils to help them become year 6 ready.All teaching staff (May 2021) All teaching staff (June/July 2021)     All teaching and support staff   All teaching and support staff       Reception  and KS1 staff       Rec-Y6     All teachers & support  staff     All teachers & support  staff   KS2 teachers & support  staff       JW ASChildren are year group ready by September in that they will have received teaching and learning for all of the ready to progress criteria.     Teachers will know which areas to focus on, building these in to their additional fluency sessions.   Teachers can talk confidently about the needs of the cohort and how they will be adapting their teaching and learning.   Participation at school and home. Support staff assigned so that interventions can be regular and consistent.     Lesson observations show this. Book monitoring shows clear progression across strands.   Clear evidence of this happening in all classes.       Chosen children to attend weekly sessions. Parents to consent to this.At least good progress for the majority of each cohort during the academic year 21/22.         Whole school monitoring of summer tests will see an improvement in the attainment in these areas.   Lesson observations and book looks show that teachers have a good grasp of the needs of the children and work is appropriate for meeting these needs.     More children showing greater competence in number.   Pre & post intervention checks show progress.         Children talk confidently about the pictorial and abstract methods they use.       Pupils demonstrate better retention of key facts and prior knowledge, enabling them to apply this more successfully to problem-solving and reasoning.   Progress evident between their pre and post tutoring assessments.
Embedding mastery throughout the school (Autumn through to Summer.)Staff CPD to be built in to the academic year: -Elements of mastery -How to use stem sentences -Ensuring high quality questioning -Models and representations   Staff will also be kept up to date with any new guidance and/or initiatives and encouraged to take up any offers of free courses and training within the local authority specific to their year group and/or to aid their own professional development with regards to mastery.  JW AM (lead teachers)   SLT, all teaching and support staff          More confidence in how to make the best use of these resources.   Lessons becoming more consistent in terms of the structure.   Children becoming more familiar and confident with the models and representations.   Evidence of a bigger focus on language and vocabulary in maths lessons.   Evidence of all children being engaged and able to access the learning.Lesson observations and staff audits show an increased confidence delivering lessons which contain elements of the mastery approach.