The Hive After School Care Procedures

Procedures for After School Care

Sessions are available to book via Parentmail and can be found in your shop.
If you are later picking up your child this will incur an additional charge.
All sessions must be booked before 1.00pm each Monday .
Sessions for after school childcare are charged at £7.00 per session per child which includes a small snack.
Please ensure you have registered to access the item in your shop.

Collection from Classrooms
Key Stage 1

Two staff from The Hive collect children from the classroom doors. One member of staff stand with the children in the corridor until all children has been collected.
Children walk sensibly along the corridor to The Hive.
One member of staff at the front, on at the back.

Key Stage 2

A member of staff will inform each Key Stage 2 class teacher at approx 3.10pm of which children are booked into The Hive on that day. Key stage 2 children then make their own way to The Hive once the teacher dismisses their class.

Staff cross reference children against the attendance sheet. One member of staff will check with the child’s class teacher if a child does not arrive.

Snack Time

On the wall there are displayed photos of the children that have allergies.
All food is checked for ingredients.
Children arrive at the club and are offered a snack. They remain seated whilst they enjoy their food and have a social time.

An Epipen is kept in the cupboard for a child who has severe allergies. All staff have been trained how to use it.


Children ask to go to the toilet. Only one child goes at a time. Staff monitor the time a child is at the toilet.
In the event of a child soiling themselves and needs to be changed, 2 members of staff will be present.


All medication apart from the Epipen is kept in the main office. Staff know where the inhalers are kept.

Outdoor Play

The children can access the outdoors when the weather permits. One member of staff is outside at all times. Children are not allowed to interact with members of the public through the fence. Gates are kept locked.
Staff set boundary lines and children are aware of them.
Staff carry out daily risk assessments.

Pick Up Time

The door only opens from the inside.
Parents pick up from the club door. They knock on the door and the staff identify them through a vision panel.

Parents/carers will ring to inform staff if someone different is picking up their child. There is a direct line to The Hive.

There is a password system in place.