Self Isolation and Testing Guidance – From Tuesday 11th January 2022

Self Isolation and Testing – From Tuesday  11th January 2022

Disclaimer – This is for guidance only please refer to the relevant sites listed

From 11th January  – people without symptoms who have a positive LFT result no longer have to take a PCR test to confirm their status. You will however need to log your result on the NHS website.

The new testing guidance will stay in place while Covid case levels remain high, because the vast majority of people with positive LFT results at the moment are extremely likely to have coronavirus.

But, whichever type of positive test result (LFT/PCR)  you have, you are still required to self-isolate for at maximum seven days.

You can end self-isolation after two negative LFT results, 24 hours apart – the first no earlier than day six. As long as you do not have a high temperature, you can stop self-isolating after the second negative test,  midnight on day seven.

If the day-six test is positive, you can take two further tests on subsequent days, and – if you do not have a fever – can stop isolating once you have had two negative results, 24 hours apart or on day 8.

  • If you have SYMPTOMS  – PCR Test and isolate until the results come through
  • Positive PCR   – begin the seven day self isolation guidance from the NHS please see
  • No Symptoms but from Positive  from a LFT  begin the seven  day self isolation guidance from the NHS please see
  • If a member of your household has tested positive with either a LFT or PCR then EVERY  household member must test using a LFT for five days and follow the guidance from the NHS regarding positive results
  • Children between 5-18 years must also LFT in a Covid Positive household for five days.  Please DO NOT send children into school unless you have tested them and the result is negative .  Please do not send your child into school with covid symptoms without testing.
  • Children that are poorly –  parents will be asked to collect them

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