Springtime in Nursery 3’s

As part of our learning about Spring, New Life and Easter the children in our 3 Year Old Nursery have loved having the living chicks in Nursery this week. We have been finding our all about how they grow what they need and how to look after them..

We had lots of fun in Forest School this week looking for some little chicks who were missing and very cold as it was snowing!!!! Their mummy hen was worried and needed our help. We searched in the bushes, trees and grass where we found the little chicks hiding. We counted the chicks and kept them safe and warm telling them not to be scared or worried.

Once back in Nursery when we had warmed up, we read a story about ‘Brenda’s Boring Egg.’ We decided to decorate very boring cardboard eggs using our funky fingers by stretching elastic bands over the egg shape. Then we tucked lots of natural treasures we collected in Forest School under the elastic bands to make the eggs look beautiful and not boring at all !!!!! We were all very proud of our creations!

We talked about animals who grow inside an egg and the children thought of lots of ideas such as chicks, ducklings, butterflies, dinosaurs, snakes, crocodile, crabs and sharkes. We also know that we grew inside our mummies tummies not inside an egg!!!