Year 6 Cookery

Today the lovely year 6’s that are still in school this week spent the majority of their day baking and decorating biscuits with no help from the adults. They had to follow given instructions but had to be quite creative when they realised some of what they needed was not actually available…who knew, for example, that a jar of jam could double up as a rolling pin! It became a Blyton Bake-off but in the end our taste-testers Mrs Atherton and Mrs Carr (AKA Mary Berry and Pru Leith) couldn’t decide on a winner so all three teams were declared the champions. It was fabulous to see the children putting their maths and communication skills to such good use and they all left school tonight with smiles on their faces, biscuits in their bags and flour on their uniforms. Come back tomorrow to see what tomorrow’s culinary delights will consist of!