Year 6 Identifying Muscles for Science Week

As part of Science Week, Year 6 identified muscles on the human body during their PE lesson. They then took part in sports that heavily related to those muscles.

For the leg muscles such as calf, quadriceps and hamstrings, the children decided that football was heavily focussed on the legs due to the need to run, turn, accelerate and kick.

For the arm muscles such as biceps and triceps, the children thought tchoukball was appropriate for focus on the arms due to the need to throw a ball powerfully during the game in order to score points. They took part in a tchoukball tournament to prove their answer.

The class decided that a fitness circuit where they did specific tasks such as press-ups and sit-ups was appropriate for the abdominal muscles. Here they are in action:

At the end of the lesson after identifying muscles and explaining why they are useful in specific sports, they then came up with ideas as to how people could grow their muscles through diet and exercise.