Lord Blyton Sports Premium Plan and Review 2020/21

Lord Blyton Primary School
Sport Premium Plan 2020 -2021
We will continue to utilise the Sport Premium funding in various ways over the 20-21academic year, all of the funding will be allocated for use to benefit our children in ways to allow for a positive impact on a healthy lifestyle and sustainability in the future.   We will : – Utilise expert coaches to deliver specific sports outside of the curriculum for competition preparation and variation. Purchase new and improved equipment where necessary, for the benefit of all our children. Increase pupil participation in the school games network. Increase pupil participation in extra-curricular sporting clubs and activities Continue to deliver the government standard 2 hours of PE per week from years 1-6.Cement and increase links to outside clubs.—Continue to provide CPD opportunities for existing staff.          
Funding breakdown
Statutory £16,000
Additional £1,940 (£10.00 per child years 1-6)
FundingTargetActionProgress MeasurePredicted outcome
£2,000Increase levels in the children experiencing competitive and non competitive sporting events.Transport to various PE and sporting events.All children have the opportunity to the various sporting events that are specific to their age group, at no cost to themselves.100% of children selected for teams, festivals and tournaments can travel.
£2,520.00To further increase the children’s skills level in a wider range of sports.Expert coaches to come on site to deliver sports not taught as part of the curriculum. Bought into South Tyneside School Games network.100% of children who take up the extra-curricular option have the opportunity to learn and improve in a variety of different skills, techniques and sports.The children will develop and refine their skills to a higher level over the academic year. The children will be more equipped to gain success in competitive events. Assisting with combating child obesity.
£4,320All KS2 pupils to receive expert swimming instruction.All KS2 children have access to transport and expert instruction for swimming.100% of children within KS2 receive a terms worth of swimming instruction.Children will aim to be able to swim at least 25m by the end of KS2, and become water confident.
£400.00Children throughout the school experience a rare and new sporting experienceNew equipment bought and extra curricular clubs and level 1 competitions delivered. (new age kurling and tchoukball)Whole school participation in a new sport.100% of pupils participate and gain knowledge into something new, potentially lead to future investment in the form of extra  curricular clubs.
£1,500Increase links to clubs and competitive sporting competitions.South Tyneside/Durham City gymnastics club to deliver competition specific lessons from years 1-6. Boldon tennis club. South Shields football club.As this acts as a whole school initiative across the academic year this gives all of our children the opportunity to experience competition in either a level 1 or level 2 environment.100% of our year 1-6 children have the opportunity to experience competition. This is inclusive of keys stage 1 which gives them the rare opportunity to compete as opposed to only participate. Opportunity for 100% of our  children to be identified as talented to become part of South Tyneside/Durham City gymnastics club.   Pupils access sport outside of offering from school.
£2,250Upskilling of staff, greater opportunity for children to participate in sport. Opportunities for the school and individuals to be recognised on a regional and national level.Buy into the South Tyneside School Games NetworkThorough involvement in competitions administered by the School Games Network. Ensuring relevant staff take up CPD opportunities within the School Games Network The first School games organising crew to be founded.Staff within school have a greater knowledge of PE as a subject. Children across the whole school gain access to range of competitive and participation sporting events. Increase participation levels in sport across the school. Some of our children will take on leadership roles within school, for example administering their own activities for others to join in at break and lunch times.
£6,500Improvement of children’s technical and tactical knowledge. An improvement to each child’s resilience to PE and sport. More in depth knowledge of the positive effects of PE and sport both physically and mentally.Mr Gilmore delivering the statutory 2 hours of PE per week, plus more inclusion to outside sporting events, competitions and festivals.Each child from year 1-6 receiving 2 hours of timetabled curriculum PE lessons, in addition to any extra curricular sporting club/they may opt to take part in. Regular assessment through these lessons to make sure each child is at least achieving the expected level of performance for their year group. Children receiving additional support during and out of curriculum time to achieve at least the expected level of performance.100% of year 1-6 children having a wide knowledge of different aspects of PE both as part of a team and as an individual. 100% of year 1-6 children being competent to perform in a variety of sports. 100% of upper KS2 children to be able to constructively critique a peers practical work and offer suggestions of improvement. 100% of year 6 children to leave school with confidence to perform and take part in a variety of PE topics. 100% of our children from year 1-6 to understand the positive impact PE, sport and exercise can have on their mental health    
Sustainability of Sports Premium Plan
The aims and objectives of the year 20/21 can be sustainable in future years because:-
The pupils and staffs knowledge of healthy lifestyles and positive mental health will be sustained or improved.
Staff will have a more in depth knowledge of curriculum PE and wider knowledge of sports that can be delivered both in lessons and in the wider community.
The children will continue to take part and compete in tournaments/festivals/clubs and competitions allowing them a greater depth of social, inclusion and interaction skills, Covid has restricted this but hopefully when restrictions are lifted this will improve.
An increase in PE and sport participation across the school totalling the required amount participation.
A sustained and or increase of relationships with external sports clubs allowing for talent identification and sign posting.
PE specific school staff delivering PE lessons to at least good standard.  
Reviewed by Mr Gilmore September 2021

Target – Increase levels in the children experiencing competitive and non competitive sporting events.

Review – Covid inhibited access of face to face competitive events, however through the School Games network partnership we took part in online competitions against other schools and also the “virtual school games.”   

The children were offered Remote Learning during the pandemic and this included offering pupils some competitions against themselves, against their peers and against other classes.

There was a dedicated area of each child’s Google classroom to physical education.

The school also achieved a school of excellence award from the School games network for “an ongoing commitment to the health and wellbeing

Target – To further increase children’s skill levels in a wide range of sport.

Review – The coaches that came into school delivered a high quality extra curricular provision on sports. During the Autumn term 2020 gymnastic was offered using a highly qualified coach. The rest of the academic year was restricted due to lockdowns, Jan 2020-March 2020 and then bubble restrictions. Although in the Summer term Mr Gilmore introduced New Age Kurling which was also utilised for participation and competition.

Target – All KS2 pupils to receive expert swimming instruction.

Review –No swimming due to Covid

Target – Increase links to clubs and competitive sporting competitions.

Review – This has been limited due to the pandemic and the mixing of bubbles.

Target – Children throughout the school experience a rare and new sporting experience.

Review – Restricted by Covid. In the Summer Term the children did in the bubbles have some experience of New Age Kurling.

Target- Improvement of children’s technical and tactical knowledge. An improvement to each child’s resilience to PE and sport.
More in depth knowledge of the positive effects of PE and sport both physically and mentally.

Review –Mr Gilmore is employed directly through the school and was available all through the pandemic to teach the children remotely, set tasks and competitions through the Google classroom.

Those children in school as children of Key Workers had a PE session daily where the curriculum for PE was taught.

100% of KS2 pupils accessed remote festivals and tournaments during the Summer Term 2021.