Breakfast Club and the Hive (After School Club) Information and Terms and Conditions

Parents and Carers wishing to use the facilities are asked to carefully read this information, terms, and conditions.  The declaration must then be signed and returned to school asap prior to any bookings being made.  Only those parents that sign the declaration agreeing to the new terms and conditions will be able to book future sessions.

The Clubs

Lord Blyton staff, who also have roles in school during the day, run our clubs.  In this way, we are able to offer a consistency and continuity of provision as the staff and children know each other well and share the same core values that are present throughout the day.

Children can join in activities or take time to read or complete some of their home learning.

Our Clubs are a popular facility; therefore, sessions must be booked in advance to ensure we have correct staffing levels to enable us to fulfil our safeguarding expectations.  Cancellations must be made in line with our T & C’s otherwise, unattended booked sessions will be charged for.


  • To provide childcare before and after school in the mainstream school
  • To offer a safe, secure and friendly environment in which children can enjoy a breakfast and afternoon snack in a relaxed and supervised environment
  • To provide a calm play environment in which children can engage socially with children from other year groups, therefore strengthening relationships in school community
  • To enhance community spirit by supporting families to balance home/work commitments


All of our staff are DBS checked and there is a first aid trained member of staff on duty in every club.  Staff have completed food hygiene training.

Staff Team –  Breakfast Club

Mrs Quinn – Child and Family Pastoral Manager

Mrs Collins –  HLTA

Mrs Gibson – Breakfast Club Assistant

Miss  Graham – Teaching Assistant

Staff  Team  – The Hive – After School Care

Miss Griffiths – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Crow – After School Club Worker


Mrs Maughan – Office Manager

Mrs Bell –  Administration Assistant

Opening Hours

The Breakfast Club – 8.00am-8.55am

The Hive – 3.15pm-5.15pm

There may be exceptional days throughout the school year when the Clubs may not be open or changes in opening times etc.  Parents/Carers will be notified of these as soon as possible via the Parentmail app.

Arrival and Departure –  Breakfast Club

For parents using the Breakfast Club we politely ask that parents park in a sensible considerate way.  Please wait with your child to the gates and hand them over to Mrs Quinn or another staff member at the school gates.  Please do not leave your child without an adult. Children make their way down to the dinner hall escorted if necessary by an adult. After breakfast, at the start of the school day, children make their way to their classes escorted if necessary by an adult.

Arrival and Departure –  The Hive

At the beginning of the week a register of who is attending is generated and shared with staff members.  Children are collected from their class by a member of the team and taken to The Hive –  After School Club.  Only children whose parents have booked sessions will be collected.  The register is taken once the children are in the room.  Parents collect their child by entering the school via the main gate and walking up the side of the building towards the Reception garden where the Hive door is located. If the gate is locked please ring the Hive bell in the main foyer.

Contact Details

Parent/Carers must complete a registration from before their child’s first session.

Registration forms are available from the school office.  This information is shared with the team members and kept in a secure location.  

Payment and Bookings

These can only be made via Parentmail within the deadlines stated

Breakfast Club £1 per session

The Hive £7.00 per session up to 5.15pm

Late Collection

Children collected after 5.15pm will be charged an additional fee of £5.00. 

Cancellations for anything other than illness must be made 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged.

Late Collections

You must notify The Hive on 0191 4240550 if you are unable to collect your child on time – a fee may be charged after a 5.15pm collection.


If anyone other than a parent/carer is collecting your child, you must let the school know before 3.00pm on that day.  We will also need to know the identity of the person collecting your child and they will not be able to depart the club unless they are able to provide identification or a password. 


If your child is unable to attend due to sickness, a refund will be given.  If they are unwell in After School Club a team member will contact you and ask you to collect your child. 

First Aid

If your child suffers a minor injury whilst in our care first aid will be carried out in the club and an injury form will be completed.  You will be informed of this accident when you collect them.

Our staff are first aid trained and a first aid kit is on the premises.


We ask that you do not send your child to school with toys or valuable items.  The Hive is a large room filled with toys and we would hate for your item to get lost amongst these.


Our staff encourage the children to respect themselves and others in a relaxed friendly environment with clear expectations and boundaries.  The clubs will implement the same consequence and reward system that are used in school – dojo system.

Parental Conduct

We ask parents to frame questions and concerns in a calm respectful manner to prevent parental behaviour becoming an issue itself; Violence and verbal abuse towards staff members will not be tolerated and your child will not be able to access our clubs.

School Agreement

To provide a safe, stimulating and caring environment where children and parents are valued.

Ensure a team member escorts safely to and from clubs all children

Not allow any child to leave with anyone other that the parent/carer unless a form of identification has been agreed with the team and parent/carer

Notify Parent/Carer of their child becomes unwell.

When notified of illness a refund will be given due to the child being unwell and unable to attend.

Use the schools behaviour policy

Ensure the safe supervision of all children during the club hours

Pupil Agreement

Pupil’s attending the clubs must agree to :

Demonstrate the schools core values at all times showing respect to themselves, adults peers and resources

Tell an adult if they have any concerns or worries

Fire Procedure

In the event of a drill/fire pupils will leave the building with staff and meet at the designated

Fire point on Simonside Hall.  The club register must be taken outside and a register taken

Summary of Breakfast Club & the Hive terms and Conditions

Bookings must be received no later than
Breakfast Club – 1.00pm Friday prior

The Hive –  1.00pm on a Monday

The register for the week is then printed out and shared.

Spaces are limited which are allocated on a first come first served basis

Bookings can only be made via Parentmail – registers will close after the deadline and no further children can be added.

Parents are responsible of giving 24 hours notice for cancellation


All payments to be made via Parentmail.

No money to be handed to staff at the club.

None payment of sessions may affect future bookings

The school does not accept nursery/ childcare vouchers

Changes to bookings

Cancellation must be made 24 hours in advance (weekends you are able to email the office on to advise us of changes.

Cancellations due to illness are refunded but you must inform the office that your child will not be attending school on that day.

Use of Clubs

Parents and Carers must accompany their child to the Breakfast Club to hand them over to a team member.

Children should not arrive any earlier than 7.55am for 8.00am entry.

Children must not attend unless they have booked sessions

On collection from the Hive – staff will accurately record the time of departure

The Hive must be notified of late collection of children

There is an additional charge for children collected late

The Hive must be notified if another person is collecting your child- they will be asked for ID.

Parents are asked to respect and trust the decisions made by staff and behave in an appropriate manner to all staff. Verbal abuse and violence towards our staff will not be tolerated.

Please be aware that we reserve the right to refuse access to this facility for any parent/carer who refuses to abide by the procedures and protocols in place to ensure safety and welfare of the children

Please be aware that we reserve the right to access the facility for any child that persistently misbehaves in a manner that puts themselves and others at risk or harm.

J Atherton

Head Teacher understand that these terms and conditions will be reviewed annually and that I will be informed of any changes before the review. 

July 2023

Next Review July 2024