Science Week in Nursery

Nursery took part in British Science week where the theme this year was ‘connections’ and ‘structures’ We read the Traditional Tale ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and have been very busy building different types of bridges for the Billy Goats to cross the river safely to get to the juicy green grass on the other side. We experimented connecting paper, wooden blocks, Duplo, Sticklebricks and lollipop sticks to make different bridges and tested them to make sure they were strong and safe. We looked at photos of famous bridges around the world and talked about what materials they were made from and whether they were for people , cars, trains, boats or Billy Goats 


!! In Forest School we worked together to build bridges out of crates, planks and big wooden blocks. We had lots of fun balancing over the bridges we had made trying not to fall into the river where the hungry Troll was waiting!!