Behaviour on School Grounds Policy

Behaviour on School Grounds Policy

All schools encourage close links with parents and the community. It believes that pupils benefit when the relationship between home and school is a positive one.

The vast majority of parents, carers and others visiting our school are keen to work with us and are supportive of the school. However, on the rare occasions when a negative atitude towards the school is expressed, this can result in aggression, verbal and or physical abuse towards members of school staff or the wider school community

We believe staff, parents and children are en5tled to a safe and protec5ve environment in which to work. Behaviour that will cause harassment, alarm or distress to users of the premises is contrary to the aims of the school.  


  • That all members of the school community treat each other with respect.


  • That adults set a good example to children at all times, showing them how to get along with all members of the school and the wider community. 
  • That no members of staff, parents or children are the victims of abusive behaviour or open to threats from other adults on the school premises. 
  • Physical attacks and threatening behaviour, abusive or insul5ng language verbal or written, to staff, governors, parents and carers, children and other users of the school premises will not be tolerated and will result in the withdrawal of permission to be on school premises.
  • Any parent/visitor who is asked to leave the school premises will have the right to appeal the decision by writing to the Chair of Governors. Incidents of rudeness will be logged with the Chair of Governors. 

Types of behaviour that are considered serious and unacceptable and will not be tolerated towards any member of the school community: this is not an exhaustive list but seeks to provide illustrations of such behaviour: 

  • Shouting, either in person or over the telephone 
  • Inappropriate posting on Social Networking sites deemed as bullying or threatening 
  • Speaking in an aggressive/threatening tone 
  • Physically intimidating, e.g. standing very close 
  • The use of aggressive hand gestures/exaggerated movements
  • Physical threats 
  • Shaking or holding a fist towards another person 
  • Swearing 
  • Pushing 
  • Hitting e.g. slapping, punching or kicking 
  • Spitting 
  • Racist or sexist comments 

No meeting at the school may be electronically recorded without the express permission of all parties, and that information obtained without such permission will not be admissible in any proceedings.

Unacceptable behaviour may result in the Police being informed.

All schools reserve the right to take any necessary actions to ensure that members of the school community are not subjected to abuse. School premises are private property and parents/ visitors have been granted permission from the school to be on school premises. However, in case of abuse or threats to staff, pupils or other parents, school may ban parents from entering school.

 It is also an offence under sec5on 547 of the Educa5on Act 1997 for any person (including a parent/visitor) to cause a nuisance or disturbance on school premises. The police may be called to assist in removing the person concerned. School is not responsible for organising arrangements for children in the above circumstances.  Parents will need to provide alternative arrangements for bringing children into school. 

Parents/visitors have the right of appeal by writing to the Chair of Governors within 5 working  days of permission to enter the school premises being withdrawn.

This policy will be used in conjunction with the document ‘Keeping schools safe from abuse, threats and violence’ – Guidance for schools.