First Snow of the Winter

Hurray!!! For the first snow of the year ❄️ Reception were very excited when they noticed snow falling outside the window this afternoon !!! We all put on our coats, hats, scarves and gloves and went outside to enjoy running, dancing and playing in the snow and catching snowflakes on our hands and tongues!!! We talked about all the things we liked to do in the snow such as sledging, building snowmen, snowball fights and making snow angels. We learnt that it only snows when it gets so cold that the temperature falls below zero degrees which makes the water in the clouds freeze and turn to ice which falls as snow instead of rain. The children then came inside and made a pretend camp fire to warm themselves up and read stories together around the fire 🔥

Their faces say it alll!! The most engaging learning, play and experiences come from the children’s interests and ideas and from their fabulous imaginations.