Harvest Service at St Simon’s Church

We ended our half term with a fantastic Harvest service at St Simon’s Church.  

For the past half term our children have been learning some songs about Harvest.  Today we shared our Harvest songs with our parents, carers, Reverend Lesley and Reverend Jason. 

Our Year 6 children spoke to the congregation about how Harvest is a time when we give thanks to God for all the fruit and vegetables that are grown. We also thanked God for the people who grow, pick and make our food; for farmers and fishermen, for those who transport and sell our food, for our school cooks and for all who prepare food for us.  Our Year 6s then acted out a story about some fishermen who were amazed at the huge amount of fish they caught one day, and the special person who helped them. The Story was called ‘Calling Disciples’. Over the past few weeks our children have also been bringing in food which is being donated to the charity Hospitality and Hope.  They will make sure the food goes to those people who need it.