Nursery go on a Train Ride

Our 3 Year Old Nursery children had an exciting adventure to the Forest School Station as part of our work on journeys and trains. We made a stop on the way to Simonside metro station to look at the trains arriving and leaving the platforms. We counted the passengers getting on and off the trains and listened to all the sounds and announcements being made over the tannoy including a message about a broken down train!!! Next we went to Forest Scjool to work together as a team to build our own very long yellow and black Netro train using the crates!! We couldn’t get on the train until we had found the train tickets that had blown away into the trees in the wind!! The ticket collectors checked our tickets before we set off on our train journey. On the train we listened to the story of ‘The Train Ride’ by June Crebbin and found all the different objects seen from the window of the train along the way which we put in the order of the story. Finally we ended up at the seaside where we met our a grandma at the station.