Oral Health Day

Today was Oral Heath Day. We read the story ‘ Alan’s Big Scary Teeth’ and talked about all the things we use our teeth for. We learnt about foods that are good for strong healthy teeth as well as those that are not so good because they have lots of sugar in them. We found out that we have 24 baby teeth which will fall out and be replaced by 30 bigger grown up teeth. We thought about about a good teeth cleaning routine and that we need to clean our teeth on a morning and night for 2 minutes. We have all brought home a toothbrush toothpaste and tooth brushing chart. We watched a visit to the dentist and know that the proper name for a tooth that has decayed is a cavity! We enjoyed looking in the mirrors at our own teeth and noticed they are different shapes and sizes. We were interested in lots of activities linked to teeth and keeping teeth healthy and clean in the classroom. 🦷