September Transition

Your child had a transition morning this morning to meet their new class teacher and support staff.

They spent time in their new environment. 

The staff meet together to discuss the transition and pass up any information that they need to.

The staffing for September is below.

Early Years

2 year olds

Mrs  Hannard and Miss Adamson will work in the nursery in the morning

3 year olds

Mrs Hall to be the teacher

Mrs Lavocah as the Support

Mrs Fairweather as support

Miss Collins will work across Early Years on a Thursday and Friday

Apprentice to work across Early Years


Mrs Storey to be the teacher

Mrs Tennet as the support

 Year 1

Mrs Girling to be the teacher

Mrs Griffith as Support

Mrs Thompson as support

Year 2

Mrs Mattimore to be the teacher

Miss Graham to support

Year 3

Miss Georgeson to be the teacher

Mrs Chisholm to support- Mon, Tue, Wednesday.

Mrs Haynes to support Thursday, Friday.

Year 4

Mrs Simpson to be the teacher

Mrs Yates as the support

Year 5

Mr Stead to be the teacher

Mrs Waller to be the support

Year 6

Mrs Wales to be the teacher and Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Collins to be support Monday, Tues, Wednesday.

Miss Nixon to be support on Thursday,

Mrs Haynes and Miss Nixon to provide additional intervention on the other working day.

KS 1 Resource base

Mrs Butler is the teacher

Miss Miller is support

Miss Lamb is support

KS 2 Resource Base

Mrs  Nellist is the teacher

Mrs Richardson is support

Mrs Thomkins is support

Miss Mellish is support

Mr Gilmore PE Specialist 

Mrs Quinn Child and Family Manager

Mrs Atherton Headteacher