That History Bloke Visits Year 3

Today Year 3 had an absolutely amazing morning with Richard…..also known as ‘That History Bloke.’ Richard transported us back in time to ancient Egypt. Richard brought in Neferti. Neferti is – or rather, was – an Ancient Egyptian priest. Our job was to prepare him for the afterlife by learning the embalming process. Not just hands-on, but hands-in! As Wetyw (trainee embalmers), we took out his lungs, intestines, liver and stomach and gave them to the 4 sons of Horus. We also got the chance to learn the significance of different amulets, wrap the body and say prayers taken from ancient walls. We even mummified Miss Georgeson! We learned more about Egyptian society, mummification, pharaohs, hieroglyphics, games and past times……it was an amazing morning and a great way to end our history topic.