Thurston Updates

Day 1 at Thurston just about completed. All the kids are ready for bed and have had a great 1st day! Heres hoping for a quiet night!! 

Day 2 just about done! 

The groups have done a range of activities from ghyll scrambling, mountain climbing, tree climbing and canoeing on route for a hot chocolate.  

Kids have once again behaved really well and represented themselves, their families and our school exceptionally. 😊😊

Day 3 was another success, the groups did activities such as exploring caves, tree climbing, jetty jumping (I can confirm the time of year has not stopped them jumping in the lake) I can also confirm it’s FREEZING!!!

Some groups also travelled across the lake in a rowing boat.

Last night the kids had barn time before taking part in Lord Blytons got NO talent.

It was an interesting and eye opening experience, take that in whichever way you want.

Another well behaved and enjoyable day!!