Year 3 The Wild Escape

The Wild Escape Year 3- On Friday, Year 3 visited the Hancock Museum to take part in a project called ‘The Wild Escape.’ We met with Kate to explore the wildlife exhibition and to learn about animals and habitats/adaptation. We then met an artist called Jane Lee McCracken who showed us how to draw wildlife using biro pens. Her artwork is already on display at the museum. We were lucky enough to visit the planetarium for a space show then further explored the museum exhibitions. We particularly liked the ancient Egyptian part as we have been learning about this in history. It was a very busy but enjoyable day! We are now going to write our own stories . The writing and art work will culminate in a display at the museum for ‘Earth Day.’

Jane McCracken who worked with Year 3 on their trip to the Hancock museum to create wildlife drawings in biro has now created an on-line gallery of your children’s work, from which you can also download files if you would like to do so.