Art Week @ Lord Blyton

The children have enjoyed our recent Art week, as part of our Platinum Jubilee celebrations. We have been discussing Her Majesty the Queen’s 70 year reign and to mark this have been looking at art work across her seven decades on the throne. Each year group have focused on a particular artist with a famous piece from each decade and worked hard to create their own piece in the style of their given artist. The children spent time completing an artist study, creating fact files, looking at a selection of work by their artist and of course, creating a range of artwork. Our Early Years enjoyed reading The Queen’s Knickers and decorated flags and knickers inspired by the story. We will be presenting a range of artwork in various displays throughout school which we look forward to sharing with you all…

2 Year Old’s Nursery

3 Year Olds Nursery

Reception – Roy Lichtenstein

Year 1 – Andy Warhol

Year 2 – James Rizzi

KS1 Base

Year 3 – Damien Hirst

Year 4 – Adrian Piper

Year 5 – Andy Goldsworthy

Year 6 – Banksy

Due to SATs Practise, Year 6 didn’t take part in Art Week at the same time as the rest of the school, however they are going to take part next week. Check back soon to see their art work.

KS2 Base