Maths Ambassadors

Meet Lord Blyton’s newly appointed Maths Ambassadors! These children are going to be working closely together to try to raise the profile of maths here at our school. They all have a genuine interest in maths and want to help other children to enjoy it as much as they do. They wrote their own pitches about why they should be chosen and I’m sure you will agree that they all deserve their new roles. They can be identified by their yellow Maths Ambassador badges which they are all now wearing with pride. They have some great ideas and are hoping to put these into action very soon, so watch this space! 

Hello. I’m Ruby and I have volunteered to be a maths ambassador. I love maths and this would be an amazing experience to learn more and help others learn too. I enjoy maths very much and am quite good at it.

If I were a maths ambassador, I would love to run a club that encourages children through the school to do more maths and helps people who need extra support with their maths work. Of course this would be an optional club and no one would be forced to take part in it but I think it would be very helpful for a lot of people through the school.

For Key Stage 1 and probably some of Key Stage 2 as well, I would love to go into certain lessons and help the students with certain things that they may be struggling with or even to give them a little bit of encouragement. I think some people need to be more confident with their maths and that they shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes. 

In my opinion, some children throughout the school think maths is very boring and to be honest, sometimes it can be but if I were a maths ambassador, I would be able to make maths more fun for people who think it is boring. I think maths should be enjoyable for all students whether they’re good at it or not and I would make sure maths was enjoyable without taking away the process of learning.

If I made a club, I would do different topics each session but at the end of every session, we would do a maths game that may result in people earning prizes or receiving green dojos. At the end of each club session (before the game) I could also set a challenge for the children to try. After every month of maths sessions there could be an award for a person who has worked very hard that month and the reward could be a certificate or something different. 

I would love to set challenges each week for every class and see who completes it the best and whoever did could earn a prize or house points. 

I think maths should be something that everyone enjoys because we use it all the time. I know this is a hard decision but I would love to help everyone in the school with their maths.    

Hello! My name is Millie and I’m in year 6. 

I am really interested in maths and I want to make more people too!! I want to find more fun ways to solve different questions and I would also like to help pupils to achieve and to feel more confident in maths!

I will help by doing the simplest and funnest ways, like with young children if it was 6+3 I would ask ‘if you had 6 elephants and 3 elephants how many would there be altogether?’ Until they would be really confident and then we could go onto more complicated things! One of the main reasons I would love to be a maths ambassador is because I used to struggle with maths until I got the right help to make me understand and I’ve got friends who struggle with maths and they say I really help and I like to help  people  in the best way possible.

With Work:

I could help to find an answer but I would never tell an answer so I would give them clues and mysteries till they worked it out! I could also use a whiteboard to explain how I, the teacher or another classmate found the answer.

Methods: I would show them different ways and let them decide which one they are most comfortable with. I will make the methods fun and interesting depending on what their interests are and what their year group is.

Club: I would love to run a lunch time club (any day) and in that club we could do games and rhymes and children who work really hard could be given small prizes or receive a star of the week award.

I would really love this opportunity.

Hi, I’m Maddie.

I think I would be a great Maths Ambassador because I work well with younger children and I love to learn and try new things.

I would like to make maths more fun and understanding for younger years. I think children now think of maths like something they are forced to do and I would want to change that. I would be willing to take time out of my day so I could help people and make maths a more fun subject in our school. 

Our club

I thought for younger years we could have The Times Tables Team and older years could have BIDMAS Blasters. We could have a club on an afternoon where all of the members come together and we have a task to achieve. My task ideas include find the missing number, finish the addition sentence and little things like that for ks1 but for ks2 I thought have a big task that would take a couple of sessions and you will get awards. It is sort of like a game and at the end of every session everyone would come in and we would say what we have learned and what we want to learn next time so that gives us as the ambassadors time to think of a new task and edit and improve it to make it even more fun. We could also do an extra club for year 5s to get them used to being under pressure for SATS.  

What I want 

I want children to go home and boast about what great things they have done at our club to their parents, I want children to tell other children how good our club is and how nice our ambassadors are so other people want to join.

Hello! My name is Zac. I think maths is a great subject since it is fun and it helps you in future jobs. However, some of the younger students find maths incredibly difficult. So, I decided to help these children by becoming a Maths Ambassador. I love helping younger people do lots of things as it is fun for me and fun for them. It will also help the children do better in years above. Being a Maths Ambassador will mean so much to me. Helping young ones do maths will be so much fun because I love helping others. I hope to become a Maths Ambassador for the younger children.

If I am a Maths Ambassador, I will make sure the children will learn from me.

Hello, I’m Daniel

I want to be a maths Ambassador for Key Stage 1 because I want children to understand the different maths problems and show them how to work them out on their own. Also showing that I can try and make maths fun and show them how it works. For example: I would draw a superhero and a bad guy with different numbers marked on them, so I would say the superheroes clash together(with effects-if possible-so the children find it funny and not boring) and it will show them with the one with the bigger number taken away from the two numbers but in the end I will show them how it works.

I will be showing them work that matches the national curriculum for their year group- not showing them Key Stage 2 questions. But at the end of every lesson I will set them with a challenge/questions.

Ways to solve: bar model and counters but possibly building cubes.

For a club I might have to go source some equipment for the children to use. I have one idea for a little game: I will buy a rubber ball and write numbers on, so i would throw it around and who ever catches it will have to add/subtract the two numbers that the thumbs are closest to. I will try to do other games so I will put a lot of thinking into this.

Hi, I’m Kristopher.

I would like to be a maths ambassador because I would like to help the key stage one children learn how to do things such as their times tables and fractions and also helping ks2 children to do decimals, short and long multiplication and every other type of math. I also want to help any child who is struggling with their math. I have experience helping children with math as I used to help my younger sister Grace with math when we were at home and I used to help my mum’s friend’s son with his 12 times tables when he was trying to learn them. The main reason I want to be a maths ambassador though is so I can help make maths more fun to learn for the children of this school. I have lots of ideas of what I could do to make math more fun such as doing maths dance routines at the start of the day to get both the children’s muscles and brain working before the lesson so that during the lesson their brains are already active so they can work to their full potential. I would also like me and the other maths ambassadors (if I am selected to be a maths ambassador) to be role models for all of the other children so they will want to be like us when they are our age and then they will try their hardest to be a maths ambassador as well. Being a maths ambassador would be a great honour for me because to think that I could be a role model; someone children could look up to. And I know that even if I am not chosen, the people who you choose will be brilliant. As long as it means that all of the younger children are given a better chance of succeeding at math I think it would impact this school really well.

Thanks for listening to what I have to say.

Hi my name is Brogan. I like maths because it helps you learn your times tables and I would like to start a little club and pick some little people to help them do math homework and get better at doing maths. I would love to be one of the maths ambassador to help little children if they are stuck with maths because I am very kind and patient.