Poetry Spine

(Each year group contains examples of narrative poetry including rhyme, classics, performance poetry and a different type of poetry to focus on per year group to show progression).

Year GroupPoetry/poets
Nursery 2s

Focus – Nursery Rhymes and Rhyming Narrative
Various nursery rhymes (to perform)
Shark in the Park/Shark in the Dark – Nick Sharratt
Dinosaur Roar! – Henrietta Strickland
Ten Dancing Dinosaurs – John Foster
Nursery 3s

Focus poet – Giles Andreae  

Focus – Nursery Rhymes and Rhyming Narrative
Various Nursery rhymes (to perform)
Park in the Dark – Martin Waddell
Here is the Seed – John Foster
Commotion in the Ocean – Giles Andreae
Splish, Splash, Splosh – James Carter
Sharing a Shell – Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks

Focus poet – Nick Sharatt  

Focus Poetry Style – Alphabet List Poems
What’s in the Witch’s Kitchen – Nick Sharratt
Oh No! Shark in the Snow! – Nick Sharratt
Room on the Broom – Julia Donaldson
What the Ladybird Heard – Julia Donaldson
Hurt no Living Thing – Christina Rosetti
My Many Coloured Days – Dr Seuss
A Great Big Cuddle: Poems for the Very Young – Michael Rosen

Alphabet List Poems – e.g. in Twinkl Twinkl Chocolate Bar Book

Various Nursery rhymes – (to perform)
e.g. Miss Poly
Hot Cross Buns
One, Two Buckle My Shoe
Miss Poly Caribbean Counting Poem – Pamela Mordecai
The Dark Wood – anon
Year 1

Focus Poet – Julia Donaldson  
Focus Poetry Style – Alliterative List Poems
Little Rabbit Foo Foo – Michael Rosen
Yo Ho Ho! A- Pirating We’ll Go! – Kate Umansky
The Magic Beach – Alison Lester
The Puffin Book of Fantastic First Poems
Please Mrs Butler – Allan Ahlberg
Each Peach Pear Plum – Janet and Allan Ahlberg
Out and About – Shirley Hughes
Pirate Pete – James Carter
Bed in Summer – R.L. Stevenson (Classic)

Alliterative List Poems – e.g. Alphabet Poem Michael Rosen

Performance Poems
The Rhythm of Life – Michael Rosen
There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
Voices of Water – Tony Mitton
My Colours- Colin
West Hands – Julia Donaldson
Queue for the Zoo – Clare Bevan
Year 2  

Focus Poet – Roald Dahl  

Focus Poetry Style – Acrostic and Shape Poems
Revolting Rhymes (Little Red Riding Hood) – Roald Dahl
10 Things Found in a Wizard’s Pocket – Ian McMillan
Pleasant Sounds – John Clare
I think Mice are Rather Nice – Rose Fyleman
Now we are Six and Halfway Down – AA Milne (Classic)
The Owl and the Pussycat – Edward Lear (Classic)
On the Ning Nang Nong – Spike Milligan (Classic)
Various Acrostic and Shape poems – e.g.
Acrostics – e.g.
Fireworks – Gervais Phinn
Christmas – Gervais Phinn
Shape Poems – e.g.
What is he? – Liz Brownlee
The Shape of a poem – Chris Odgen
Aaaah!!!! At last it’s Spring – James Carter
Family Tree – Damien Harvey
Word Whirls – John Foster

Performance Poems
I’m Walking with my Iguana – Brian Moses
Solo with Chorus – Rose Fyleman
Nut Tree – Julia Donaldson
The Dinosaur Rap – John Foster
Cats – Eleanor Farjeon
Shhhhhh! – Julia Donaldson
Soloman Grundy – Days of the week  
Year 3

Focus Poet – Michael Rosen  

Focus Poetry Style – Haiku and Tanka
Chocolate Cake – Michael Rosen
Plastic Bag Tree – Michael Rosen
The Marrog – R. C. Scriven
The 3-Headed Dog – Clare Bevan
The Months – Sara Coleridge
Ducks Ditty – Kenneth Grahame
The Lost Words (book) – Robert Macfarlane
The Camel’s Hump – Rudyard Kipling (Classic)

Haiku & Tankas – e.g. 
Seaview Haiku – John Foster
Windy Day – John Foster
Haiky Riddle – Celia Warren
Silver aeroplane – John Foster
The Penny Black – John Foster
Two Tanka Riddles – Marian Swinger

Performance Poems
The Sound Collector – Roger McGough
Life doesn’t Frighten me at all – Mya Angelou
Twenty Four Hours – Charles Causley
Instructions for Giants – John Rice  
Year 4

Focus Poet – Ted Hughes  

Focus Poetry Style – Limerick                  
Heard it in the Playground – Allan Ahlberg
The Magic Box – Kit Wright
Refugees – Brian Bilston
We Refugees – Benjamin Zephaniah
The British Poem -Benjamin Zephaniah
City Jungle- Pie Corbett
Snow and Snow – Ted Hughes
Jack Frost – C.E. Pike
What is the Sun? (Metaphor poem)– Wes Magee
The Witch’s Poem from Macbeth – Shakespeare (Classic)
Various song lyrics

Performance Poems
Macavity by T.S Eliot
The Treasures – Clare Bevan
Today, I feel – Gervais Phinn
The Trouble with My Brother – Brian Patten
You Can’t Stop me – Miriam Moss
Loopy Limericks (book) by John Foster (for example)
Year 5

Focus Poet – Joseph Coelho  

Focus Poetry Style – Cinquain        
If All the World Were Paper – Joseph Coelho (Various Joseph Coelho poems/books)
The Rainforest Grew All Around – Susan K Mitchell
Shimbleshanks the Railway Cat – T.S. Elliott
Junk- the Story of Jasper O’Leary -Kirk Hendry (also on Literacy Shed and Youtube)
The Highwayman – Alfred Noyes (Classic)
Jabberwocky – Lewis Carroll (Classic)
The Tyger – William Blake (Classic)
November Night- Adelaide Crapsey Snow –
Adelaide Crapsey Winter – Adelaide Crapsey
Blackbird – John Foster
At the Gate – John Foster
The Wood in late Autumn – John Foster
Mirror – John Foster
How to Write Cinquains? – John Foster

Performance Poetry
Give and Take – Roger Mc Gough 
Conversation Piece – Gareth Owen
Football Mad – Benjamin Zephaniah
Rum Tum Tiger – T.S Eliot
Year 6

Focus Poet – Carol Ann Duffy  

Focus Poetry Style – Sonnets
Where the Poppies Now Grow – Hilary Robinson
The Christmas Truce – Carol Ann Duffy
Sea Fever – John Masefield
Night Mail  – W.H. Auden (Classic)
Daffodils – William Wordsworth (Classic)

Performance Poetry
From a Railway Carriage – Robert Louis Stevenson (Classic)
The Visitor – Ian Serrailler
Cargoes – John Masefield
The Lion and Albert – Marriot Edgar  
If – Rudyard Kippling
The Jumblies – Edward Lear
What I Love About School – Roger Mc Gough

Compare 2 classic sonnets for content, use of language and rhyme pattern. (E.g. Summer-water Sonnet Gillian Clarke Lines Upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth).
Mermaid – Susan Rogerson
Who Can Know? – Susan Cartwright Smith
The bottom of the Jar – Susan Cartwright Smith
KS1 AND KS2 BASESStaff to choose poems and poetry styles from year groups appropriate for their children and rotate the following years to avoid repetition.