School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan   OVERVIEW OF MAIN PRIORITIES 2021-22  
Improvement Area :
Quality of Education
To accelerate progress and improve outcomes for pupils particularly in reading and phonics at the end of KS 1        
Summary of Main Actions:
Further training and imbedding the new phonic system.
Baseline pupils to identify those for intervention
Purchase further decodable books for reading.
Improvement Area :
Quality of Education
Improve outcomes and accelerate pupil progress in reading and writing at the higher levels in particular at the end of KS 1 and KS 2    
  Summary of Main Actions:
Identify challenge in lessons.
Use available data to identify pupils
Review at marking and feedback in lessons.
Set individual targets
Moderation in and out of house.  
Improvement Area :
Quality of Education Leadership and Management
To continue to develop further our broad and balanced curriculum with a focus on the foundation subjects.  
Summary of Main Actions:
Review and revise the long term/medium term plans
Establish links with secondary colleagues
Subject leaders to have Action Plans to support subject development
Improvement Area :
Behaviour and Attitudes
To ensure a whole school focus on Wellbeing and Mental Health for staff and learners which involves working collaboratively with health providers and to support parental involvement with their child’s learning      
Summary of Main Actions:
Senior Mental Health practitioner trained
All stakeholders develop an understanding of Mental Health
Mental Health friendly environments      
Improvement Area:
Leadership and Management
Establish a 13 place Specialist Resource Base at Lord Blyton Primary School for pupils who have a SEMH as the primary need.      
Summary of Main Actions:
Admission criteria set.
Children identified with the LA Training for all new staff
Build relationships
Develop systems for integration  
Improvement Area:
Early Years
Implement any changes required from the revised EYFS whilst continuing to build on good practice in place and reduce practitioner workload and improve outcomes.          
Summary of Main Actions:
Staff training on Development Matters
Update policies and procedures.
Training on assessment procedures.