World Mental Health Day – Blyton Spa

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day. The children in the three year old nursery visited the Blyton Spa for some R&R. 

We read the story the Worrysaurus by Rachel Bright. In the story the Dinosaur always likes to know what was going to happen next. Sometimes he would worry and have a funny butterfly feeling in his tummy if he didn’t. The dinosaur has a special tin in his bag with things that made him smile and feel happy. We talked about some of the yucky feeling that make us feel scared or worried or sad. We talked about the things we can do to help us feel happy. We decided to have a visit to the spa were we soaked our feet in the warm bubbly water, refreshed our eyes with cucumber and even had a special foot massage from Miss Hall. We learnt how important it is to keep our brains happy and healthy and to look after ourselves.